How to Get the Best Deal on Your Diamond

Buying loose diamonds or a diamond ring is definitely no joke. First, you’re actually purchasing what is considered to be the hardest substance on earth,which means you will have something that’s so precious. Second, a lot of them don’t come very cheap, and you have to be ready to burn loads of cash. Third,with so many scammers out there, you may just get conned over that diamond engagement ring you’ve just bought.

Looking for the best bargain for your diamond engagement ring, for instance, is definitely not a walk in the park. But then, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you can become very cautious consumer, and you won’t end up spending thousands of money over a worthless diamond ring:

1. Go cheap.There are several ways on how you can get a diamond ring at a very low price, and you won’t even have to sacrifice its quality. For one, a diamond ring may get very expensive because of the crown or the setting, especially if it’s made of gold or platinum. What you cando is to buy a cheap loose diamonds. You can even get wholesale loose diamond, which guarantees you deep discounts over your purchase. You can also watch out for sales, promos, gift certificates, and coupons that are being given away by jewelry shops, both offline and online. You can definitely use them so you can lessen the total cost of your engagement ring.

When you don’t want to get loose diamonds wholesale, you can settle for pre-loved diamond ring. There are actually websites and even land-based shops these days that are currently selling rings that are no longer of sentimental value to the owner. Because they have already been used, you can expect the price to be way lower than its original market value. You can also decide to buy wholesale diamond engagement ring, such as getting more than two rings. So that you can minimize on the entire cost, you can ask friends and family members who would want to buy rings but don’t have the time to do so. You can also just purchase and sell them later.

2. Make sure that they’re real. Whether you like it or not, there will be cons. Since a lot of people understand the intrinsic and market value of the diamond, they are willing to take advantage of the non-cautious ones. No matter where you’re going to get the diamonds or even the diamond ring, you have to ensure that it’s real.

The first thing that you need to do is to ask for the certificate and the appraisal. It should never be either one of them, as they tell different kinds of information. The certificate comes from the GIA, and it informs you of the characteristics or the qualities of the diamond that you’re going to buy. On the other hand, the appraisal provides you the real monetary value of the stone. If both of these documents are present, you can then bring out your Jewelry Purchase checklist. It contains the essential elements that you have to search when you’re looking at a diamond, such as its color and clarity grade.

3. Have them insured. When you have already certified the real value of your diamond and you’ve already bought it, you should then ensure that you can have an insurance policy for it. It will cover the possible losses that you’re going to incur just in case you lose the diamonds through fire or theft. If you’re not familiar with diamond insurance, you can look for a broker or someone who definitely knows his way into the system.

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