5 reasons to buy diamonds in the summertime

Summer is here, which means hot sweltering temperatures and the best time to buy your diamond engagement ring. Why is summer the best time to buy a diamond? We’re sort of kidding, but here are a few reasons why you might want to escape the heat and get a great deal on a diamond ring once summer rolls around:

1. Summer travel gives exotic locale for proposing.

Most people take some sort of travel vacation in the summertime, when schedules align to give people time off. Whether you’re headed to a fun weekend in a new city, or planning an epic hike through nature, your scenery is completely different from your day-to-day routine. It’s the perfect time to drop to one knee and surprise her with a proposal.

2. More hours to watch your diamond ring sparkle in the sun.

We get 50% more daylight hours when the sun rises earlier and sets later during the summer. Take advantage of all that glorious natural light to watch the sparkles from her engagement ring.

3. Getting engaged on summertime picnics is a great idea.

There’s something about hot weather that makes an outdoor picnic in the shade the best idea ever. Up your game and pack along her diamond engagement ring in the basket along with chilled wine and fruit. Just remember, it’s never a good idea to hide the ring in food or drink. Keep it wrapped up nicely, perhaps in a red-checked-paper wrapped box to match your picnic blanket.

4. Avoid the holiday rush.

Everyone seems to think buying diamond rings at Christmastime is the perfect thing. Don’t get us wrong, we completely approve of this as a holiday purchase. But by buying your engagement ring in the summer, you won’t have to elbow aside the crowds who are jostling for a chance to buy the perfect diamond at the best possible price.

5. Ice is cold. Diamonds are ice. Cold is nice in the heat.

This is a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. Diamonds are called “ice” in a lot of movies (like any 007 James Bond flick). When it’s hot outside, you’ll want to cool down by getting up close with as much ice as possible. We’ve got a beautiful selection of high quality diamonds for the lowest possible prices. Oh, and we’ve got air-conditioning, too, if you happen to be near our San Francisco showroom.